Katy Perry Performs During the Opening Night of Her New Las Vegas Residency ‘Play’ (71 Pics)

Katy Perry appears onstage for her spectacular new residency, ‘Play’ at Resorts World Las Vegas, 12/29/2021.

The raunchy, Toy Story-inspired 90-minute show featured a singing turd and a face mask which traded jokes with the star. Katy also pulled a fan out of the audience, drag queen Joella Perry from Corona, CA, who performed a high-kicking dance routine before falling over. Katy then signed her fan as the audience cheered. At one stage, Katy also opened a ‘can bra’ to pour drink into a glass.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/katyperry/


The star began her new show at 8.40pm (December 29), 40 minutes late. Scores of empty seats could be seen in the 5,000-seater venue at the 8pm start time. When the show did open, Katy was lowered onto stage by a giant hand. There were several different stages in the five-act show which featured a singing toilet, singing bed and a raunchy lady frog in a sequined bikini who appeared when Katy sang her hit ‘I Kissed a Girl’.

The show also featured a dancing toilet brush, a tooth brush, tooth paste and a loo plunger. There were also mushrooms that resembled penises, a giant snail and giant rubber ducks and a giant rocking horse. At one point, Katy said she needed a drink as she was “now 37 you know.” She made no reference to her partner Orlando Bloom or baby girl, Daisy.


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