Nicole Scherzinger’s New Workout Photoshoot with Her Fitness Trainer (16 Photos)

Check out the former X Factor Judge, singer and The Fappening Star Nicole Scherzinger’s a new workout photoshoot with her fitness trainer (2020).

When she’s busy or on the run, Nicole gets some time in on the treadmill. She’ll typically run for about 20 minutes to help get her heart rate up. When she’s at home, she enjoys spinning classes at SoulCycle or takes a hike in the Hollywood hills.



Regardless, she likes to work up a sweat and finds that it’s always more fun when she hits the gym with friends.

Nicole also enjoys boxing which is a great cardio workout but it’s also amazing if you want to tone your arms! And I know that a lot of Victoria Secret models love boxing!

After her cardio, she does targeted strength training exercises that focus on her abs and core stabilizing muscles.


She starts with sit-ups on the exercise ball and then moves to squats to strengthen and tone her glutes and thighs. Nicole also loves doing yoga and she often shows her yoga moves on social media!

Her favorite is hot yoga which helps keep her heart rate up while letting her build strength with every movement. This helps her tone her muscles without building bulk – ideal for someone who prefers a leaner look!

The most important thing for Nicole is to never get bored in the gym. This means she’s always trying new things and discovering new workouts.


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